Woody Guthrie Show

Here is the poster and some pictures of the show I have been working on (Woody Guthrie-American Song), this is the last week of rehearsal, show is March 31 and April 1. This has been a great learning experience for me, I’ve been used to being a lead solo singer, and group work is different. The rehearsals have all been fun, in part due to the 3 generations of families in the show, yep the babies make some sounds, but they are learning the joys of family and singing and community, and this has made every night lively.

Woody Guthrie-American Song
Woody Guthrie-American Song

American Song-Woody Guthrie
American Song-Woody Guthrie

Last Last Ride for Longreen?

March 18, 2007
Weather: Partly cloudy, 40 degrees
Sightings: Red parrot, one hawk, one buzzard
Distance: 30 miles, avg 12mph

BirdSince it was Sunday, we decided to try going straight out SR 45 to Tunnel Rd. I set my tripmeter at Smith Rd, and it was 10 smooth miles to Tunnel, at 14.8 mph, quite fast for us. We rode to Shilo and stopped at Wireless Deer Fence headquarters to visit “Bird”, the factory mascot.

The lonely bullPeaceful Miller RoadWe then continued down Shilo, but rather than going on to Anderson Rd, we decided to use the N. Miller Rd. cutoff to Robinson Rd. This crosses a peaceful side valley of the Bean Blossom, a quiet pastoral scene. Then came the hill back up to Robinson Rd. IMHO, this is the steepest, longest, curviest, most difficult paved road in the county. For many years I thought this honor rested with Boltinghouse Road just before it joins Earl Young Rd, a 160 foot climb, as is Miller, but I have climbed half of Boltinghouse, I got nowhere close on Miller. We then rode the ridge to Dolan, and back south on old 37. Firehouse hill seemed so gentle after Miller, I was able to charge up the last few hundred feet and keep going. A good brisk ride, but our mph was a brought down by the walk up N. Miller hill.

Purple Rans on the way

I looked all over web, trying to find the best LWB recumbent I could get for the price. If I were to buy new, I would have considered the Bachetta line, they look really good for the money. But as I cruised the few bike shops and bulletin boards that have recumbents, I found a 97 Rans Stratus that looked good to me. It was through easystreetrecumbents.com in Austin. I told the guy I ride a lot of hills and that my current bike has a 3 speed internal, which the 97 does not have. So I decided have him rebuild the back wheel with the internal gearing, and a Rans rack for the back. This should allow some longer rides, and the ability to move groceries, instruments, etc. around town without my numerous canvas bags. I am hoping it will be here sometime next week, I am still riding the LongGreen, but it is very wobbly at 20 mph, and the rubbing on tire is tiresome. I hope I made the right decision, I expect that I will be using this for the next 5-10 years, and I figure I log over 4000 miles/year, counting both commuting and weekend riding. I would like to bring that up this year, with DST I should be able to get an extra 25 miles of an evening.

Last ride for Longreen bike-March 9

As we were expecting rain on Sat, Jojo and I took off about 4pm Friday afternoon and went east to 446. We planned on a short ride, as we had little time and my Rans recumbent is on its last legs (wheels). When I had Fred put a new brake on the rear wheel, he had to drill through a small crosspiece that became ovoid in the process. Now the bike wobbles at anything over 10mph, the tire rubs on the left arm of the back yoke. So this is perhaps the last ride for the Longreen. I’ve ridden it well over 10,000 miles, and replaced about every part but handlebars, seat, and frame. Now the frame is dinked, I am the only person who can use the delicate handlebars. and although the fiberglass seat still works, it has always been cracked, and needs replacement. So here are a few pics of Longreen’s last ride.

Time: 3 hours
Distance: 25 miles
Route:Old 446 to Pine Grove, then Pine Grove to the lake, and back.
Wildlife: 8 ducks flying, 6 buzzards circling

Here is the end of the line, I love the these signs we find all around the lake
Last uphill ride for LongreenEnd of the LineJojo circles up

Snowy Lake Monroe ride

March 3, 2006

Jojo and I decided to ride around the Lake Monroe this Saturday. We rode down 446 and across the causeway, stopping for a few minutes at Cutwright. We headed up th hill and made quick work of the miles to Chapel Hill Road, we headed west into 30 mph wind, buddy it was colder than riding on Lake Monre 2 weeks go. This is when the snow really picked up, we had heavy flurries all the way back. This was actually quite nice, the snow would come and go, but did not stick to the road, it seemed to be blowing sideways, and so stuck to one side of any upright item, fence posts, cows, trees, bikers, etc.

We stopped at the dam and watched the water from the lake become Salt Creek again. We then headed up Strain Ridge, and instead of using our normal route back (Ramp Creek to Handy to Harrell and then Rhorer.) This time we came back up Fairfax Rd, which I normally avoid due to traffic, but there was little traffic. We came up old Walnut, and then home.

Miles: 55
Avg mph: 11.8
Sightings: 1 Hawk, dozens of vultures, domestic fowl, and wild ducks.
Temp: 20 degrees with wind from 10-35 mph blowing from the west. I was the hardest riding the ridges, but the coldest was when we stopped on the dam and the wind whistled across the frigid lake.

We got excited when we saw this frozen leg of the lake, it looked like we might do more ice riding. But when got to the causeway, it was obvious that would not be an option. There was a rolling mass of broken ice pushing up against he causeway, with the high winds and regular waves, it was quite hypnotic.

Distant iceLast of the Ice?Ice Shore

We stopped at Cutright, we wanted to see where we had but in 2 weeks ago. We saw a a large flock of buzzards flying low, and we went over to watch. I couldn’t get close enough for a good shot, but they were on the ground hopping around, spreading their wings and jumping up and down, landing on a nearby sign. We thought it could be a mating dance, or possibly a fight, who knows. We then rode up the ridge and on to Chapel Hill. We stopped to buy some nuts and Krazy Joe’s and took a snack break, and I took a picture of one of my favorite subjects, a water tower. It is because these incredible pieces of technology that we have water, even if the electricity is down (way to go hydrolics!)
BuzzardsKrazy Joe’sLawrence tower

Here are some sights along Chapel Hill Road. The picture of the duck pond should have sound, it was just amazing, especially since there were turkeys and some exotics across the road, it was stereo fowl sounds.

BoatOld Barn on Chapel Hill RoadDuck Farm

I just have to mention the lumbering fools who removed so many trees on the norht side of Chapel Hill, this land has been raped. According to state law, loggers are not allowed to leave the tops and other “scrap” in the valleys, yet the fines are so low, they almost always ignored. What a waste!
Lumbering Fools

We continued along Chapel Hill and took the right on Guthrie Road, which tees at Mission Valley, where we headed north to the alps and the dam. The alps are are good name, three prety steep climbs, only to come plunging down the road at 45 mph past the dramatic stone walls left when they removed the hillside to build the dam and make the spillway. We stopped to watch the water pour out to reform Salt Creek, and took in the ice all along the dam. We stopped for a picture at the Sanders store and gas station, and then headed home.

Mission Valley RoadThe AlpsSalt Creek RebornGulls and waterDam IceSanders Store