Eastside Cooper's Hawk

Coming back from a ride in the Salt Creek valley, I was thinking how few birds I had seen or heard in the woods, actually not that surprising in the cold damp December weather. I was on the eastside of town, turning the corner on Longview St. and found this Cooper’s Hawk on a stump. I’ve seen one before on the Polly Grimshaw Trail, they patrol the corridor for the rabbits that are everywhere. I assume this one fledged in Dunn Woods earlier this spring.



Bike Commuting in Chicago

Another reason to bike or walk (besides its being fun and healthful!)

Here are some interesting numbers listing the calories burned per mile via various modes of transportation. A bike offers mechanical advantage that is unbeatable, but if one factors in the environmental cost of creating a bike versus a couple pair of shoes, perhaps the two are about even.

Calories burned directly correlates to carbon dioxide release, either from our breath while walking or biking, or from the tailpipe emissions from our vehicles. So it looks like biking or walking are nearly an order of magnitude better riding than oil burning vehicles, especially cars.

Biking 38 cal/mile
Walking 100 cal/mile
Train 880 cal/mile
Bus 900 cal/mile
Car 1860 cal/mile