I-69, No Way to Go

I wrote this song, Highway 69 Revisited in 1992, when it was estimated to cost about $1 billion. When I recorded in 1994, it was up to $2 billion, and now $3 billion or more is quite possible. With the new website (I-69 Whistleblower) and lawsuit now public, I thought I should post my little contribution to the cause.

Lost public money, IMHO, the least of our problem, it is the destruction of our forests and farmland to further the interests of corporations over people, and on the public’s dime no less, that rankles my butt. Then there is the whole issue of peak oil, as well as the advantages of local sourcing of our goods, foodstuffs, and services. Don’t get me started!
Illustration by Brian Garvey
Ok, so I guess I have some rant left in me, but I tried to get it all out with this song. If this issue seems important to you, here are some links to follow up with.

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