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Clouds over Salt Creek
Clouds over Salt Creek

Mitch’s Musings contains my reflections music, nature, mushrooms, biking and living in Southern Indiana. As I explore the Hoosier Uplands, I often find myself in new and exciting situations as well as in serene moments of timeless appreciation of life in all its manifistations. I take snapshots when I can, and I try to identify every new find, whether it is a flower, fungi, footprint, bird or beast. I listen for the sounds of spirit in the cacophony of Bloomington’s teaming life. I keep most of my photos here and number of them appear on Google Earth around Lake Monroe.

Music has always been a big part of my life, and the Hoosier Hotcakes are known for appearing at the Bloomington Farmers’ Market for over 30 years. Our collection of old songs are a hit with the family crowd there, and we play at parties, picnics, art fairs, anywhere people gather for down home wholesome fun.

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