Another day at the Lake

Sunday June 17
Summary: 40 miles with only 2 big hills (one gravel) and 3 hours in the water. Turkeys on Handy Road, great blue herons flying over head all day, and a pileated wood pecker leading us down Handy Rd. avg 11.3 (we had to walk up a gravel road from the lake.)

We took Harrell to Handy Rd, and down to Moore’s Creek Boat Ramp. Riding down Handy Rd Jojo spotted some turkies behind a house and I stopped to watch as they perambled into the woods and disappeared in the underbrush. We again rode through the woods to our path to the rock beach we were at last week. We had been drifting around on our cushions for a while we we saw big white boat coming right at us and we headed out of the way, assuming they had not seen us, but as we moved towards shore (we were a few hundred feet out) it followed our trajectory, and I felt they were delibarately coming towards us. I asked Jojo if they were cops, as I can’t see much without my glasses. He said yes, and they pulled up to us. We were told that we could not swim except in the low idle zones, it was too dangerous where we were. We had to admit there were speedboats everywhere, running wide open in many cases. It was kind of galling to be thrown out so that people can run their boats at high speed with no regards to the fumes, water pollution, noise pollution, especially in the water, and carbon release. We didn’t use an ounce of gas to get there or on the lake, yet we have to make way for the fools who run around the lake like they are in a Miami Vice episode.

We move along as they say, found a nice secluded area in a low idle zone and swam for for another hour or so. We shared the lakeside with kayakers and a family picnic, but with no high speed boat traffic. We could hear the birds and under water was quiet as it should be. We saw a heron fly over the bay and somehow, with his 7 foot wingspan, disappear in the the tightly packed trees on the hillside.

Hot hazy dayLake Monroe Water PlantMud flats
Purple and yellow vetchesElderberry flowersButterfly weedTrumpet vineTwo old vehicles

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