April Fool's Ride

Jojo and I went out this morning, Sunday, April 1, 2007. I had 2 more performances of the Woody Guthrie show that day, but really needed to move.

We headed up to Walnut, then down through Cascades park and up to Kinser Pike. We crossed 37, and headed down the hill to the Bean Blossom, which was swollen and muddy.
Bean Blossom Creek at Bottom Rd.Muddy Bean Blossom

We rode on past Lawson, Denny and such till we got the , we stopped and watch the geese mating, or at least trying to, with ducks flying here and there.
Muscatatuck Nat’l Wildlife RefugePurple Rans at Mucatatuck

Distance: 35 mi.
Avg: 14mph
Weather: Sunny and warm, 70 deg.
Wildlife: Geese and ducks, and one large redtail hawk that flew with us for several hundred feet.

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