Brummett's Creek, Mt. Gilead loop

It was Sunday morning, and so we rode the Polly Grimshaw trail east to SR. 46 and 446, and then headed straight out the highway towards Nashville. Normally we would turn down Kerr Creek Rd. and take that all the way to Getty’s Creek Rd. to avoid highway traffic, but on Sunday mornings the road is really quiet. The lanes are wide, and there are 2 feet of pavement to the right of the painted line. This makes it easy for cars to pass without crossing the double yellow line (which is against the law.)

We raced down the hill and were at Friendship Road in moments, the six miles from 446 were done 15 mph, with no effort. Friendship Rd. was still totally under water, though the lake was a bit lower. We headed farther east on 46 and pulled onto Kent Road, which was not flooded, and we went to McGowen Rd, and started down the gravel. But we did not get far, the water was too high for too far to think of getting around. I saw in the paper the next day a couple of folks got lost out here and had to be rescued by boat and helicopter.

We rode back to 46 and on to Brummett’s Creek, the highway was above the water by about six or eight feet, but the lake surrounded it on both sides. We were able to turn on Brummett’s and start north, with the corn fields to the west totally under water. We rode about half a mile and saw several groups of great blue heron, the only place I’ve seen more in one place is at Pine Grove in the fall.

We passed a biker going the other direction, he told us the road was covered with water, but that it was possible to get through. So we pulled off our socks, and Jojo pedaled all the way through, while I both walked and rode. The water was really cold but bearable, and felt very refreshing. We came to second flooding of the road, but it was shorter and shallower, and we had no problem getting through.

Brummett’s Creek Road is one of the most beautiful and peaceful valleys in the county, five miles of level valley farmland following the creek. It winds back and forth while heading north, with several other creeks entering from the Scarce o’ Fat and Birdie Galyon Ridges. The valley gradually narrows and the road climbs the ridge, which it follows for a mile and a half to SR 45 near Unionville. So it is about 6.5 miles of great riding, and worth the effort.

We rode the highway to Mount Gilead Rd, and took that back towards town where it intersects SR 45 again. It is faster and a bit shorter to travel on the highway, but the stress level is much higher. However the climb up Mt. Gilead is about 280, quite steep at times, and always a test of will. So although using the Mt Gilead is only .3 mile longer, the hill can add 10 minutes to the ride. But what the heck, if we didn’t have hills we wouldn’t be real hoosiers.

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  1. That’s a pretty interesting route, you know a lot of roads in this area I’m not familiar with, even within a couple miles of my apartment! I need to go exploring.

    I’m pretty sure I saw you memorial day weekend, climbing the hill on 446 on the other side of the causeway. I guess it would’ve been Saturday afternoon.

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