Chipmunk Forest Ride

May 19, 2007
Weather: warm/cool depending on the sun. More chipmunks than any other creatures, even bugs.
Distance: 55 Miles

Route: Cascades Park to old SR 37, straight north past Hindustan and Bryant’s Creek Lake, then right on Forest Rd. Forest Rd to Gose Creek, then back along Forest Rd. to Bean Blossom and down the ridge into Green Valley and then right on Anderson Rd, then Anderson to Old 37 and back to Bloomington.

This was our longest ride yet this year, but as we had few big hills, rode about 10 miles along the forest ridge, so we did not bonk, and actually hit the top of Firehouse Hill with some juice left. The weather was perfect, cool at all the right times with breezy blue skies.

We saw a lot of this common wildflower, Daisy Fleabane, it is everywhere along the roadside. Forest Road is 5 miles of smooth traveling, recently blacktopped wiht no hills. It is still quite cool on the ridge as the sun does not really heat the road, and the wind whistles through the trees. Keep on going and you will find the firetower picnic/camping area. Keep on going, and you can end up at Low Gap, which you can take back to Anderson, it adds about 5 miles.
Daisy FleabaneForest RoadFire Tower in Morgan Monroe State Forest

We saw these bat houses all over the forest, this one at Gose Rd. had mud wasp nests in it. We came back along Forest Rd, then down Bean Blossom hill into Green Valley and heard a wide variety of birds as we coasted through. On Anderson Rd, we passed acres and acres of newly plowed and planted corn fields.
Bat houseUnknown wildflowerAnderson Rd Farm

Along Anderson Rd we found a bunch of this wet loving segmented plant. Do you know what it is? We also are seeing a lot of Phlox, with some interesting color variations. On the way to Dolan we saw this deer sprint for several hundred yards.
Indiana bambooPholxDeer in Bean Blossom valley

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