Clear Creek Path plus, March 21

It was a warm March day, and we rode southeast to the Clear Creek Trail, I was still on Longreen (yes this really is the last ride), so we could not push really hard. The path was filled with folks walking, biking and skating on this first really warm and dry weekend since the February snow.
Clear Creek PathOn the CC Trail

We continued past where the path ends at Church Road, and kept heading south. We eventually got to the SR 37 overpass, and had to pass through the muddy mess that is always there.
Trail south of Church Rd.Muddy 37

Further down the path we found some giant tires in the woods, and the we got to this confusing gate. We noted that these folks have their front yard in the RR right-of-way, so it was not possible to get to Dillman Rd. The sign strangely enough sits on the wrong side of the gate to make sense. Who put the gate in place?

Home on the tracksBackwards sign

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