Cold April Ride

April 7-It just felt cold this day, high humidity, 32 degrees, mostly cloudy, lots of wind. We decided on a down and back, we both felt a little under the weather. No kidding, I felt warmer in 20 degree weather riding on the sunny Lake Monroe ice than I did this day. We went down old 446 to Pine Grove, and hung out for a while, the water was quite high.

No pictures, the camera batteries went out. We saw a dozen seagulls on the water, getting blown to the east, but the real bird find was the little black birds skimming inches above the water. It seemed they were struggling upwind, sometimes almost hovering over the waves (which were whitecaps at the time), then pushing on. The would then swoop back downwind and start over. Jojo said he wished they would come closer, and right away a bird flew and hovered right in front of us. It was not all black/brown and in fact had a wonderful blue-green iridescent back. At first we thought they were looking for fish, but then it dawned that they were eating small bugs being blown in the wind.

Tree Swallow

When I consulted my bird book at home, I first they were probably hungry purple martins, one picture I found on the web had exactly the wing shape I saw this flock were using to hover. But when I found pictures of tree swallows, the color was exactly right, I am surprised I did not recognize the swallow tail.

We climbed the long but relatively easy hill back from the lake, then booked back into town to stay warm.

Distance: >25 miles
Weather: Cloudy, windy, cold 32 degrees
Sightings: Purple martins over the water.

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