Cool February Ride

We didn’t have much time today as it was really cold and rainy till well after mid-day. We stopped at the Bike Garage to adjust Jojo’s handlebars, and then headed up Lincoln towards Cascades. As soon as we hit the hill, I noticed my backrest acting funny, and so I stopped and found both sides loose. The screws must have worked their way loose during our rough winter rides, then finally dropped out. We rode back to the Bike Garage, got some help with new screws (thanks, Bill!), and got back on the road.

We rode our normal route north through Cascades and then up the hill (it is a good hill, just enough to warm you up without wearing you out). and rode Kinser Pike out across SR 37 to Bottom Rd. We rode out Bottom for a while, but time was short and we came back with just 20 miles, but that included 3 good climbs.

Cascades Creek was flowing freely, we rode along the wall away from the road for a while. Bean Blossom Creek was deeper than we have seen since last January, and had an interesting mud green color. We notice a copse of trees in the middle of a large field, and we wondered why the farmer had left them. I walked over and peaked in, there was a stream in the middle, but it only ran the length of the trees. Next time out when it is not so muddy, I will explore further to find the spring or seep that must be there.

CascadesFull green Bean Blossom CreekSpring?

Nature Journal: It was cool (mid-30’s) and damp, but nothing was flooded, though most of the week’s ice had melted. We saw lots of crows, a hawk on a wire, and not much else, unlike us, most creatures were hiding out somewhere waiting for better weather.

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