Covered Bike Racks in Bloomington

Covered Bike Rack at BloomingfoodsOne of the topics that we often bring up at the BBPSC (Bloomington Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Commission) is covered bike parking. Many of us have bikes that are our pride and joy, and we don’t like the idea of them being in the rain all day or even 5 minutes. Chains and gears rust quickly if you do not oil after getting wet, not to mention the problems of a wet seat. This is a real problem for me as my recumbent seat is 4 inches of foam, one big sponge. I always carry some plastic to cover it.

So I am aware of the various places around town that will protect my bike in inclement weather. So I’ve started a photo album of Covered Bike Racks in Bloomington. If you have any to add, just let me know, I still have to get to the Showers parking lot to shoot the racks the city installed last year.

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