Egrets eating, herons flying, sandpipers scampering, and a kingfisher too.

Jojo and I went to Pine Grove for a quick ride before Meeting, we left at 7:30 from the BBC. It was cool enuf for an extra shirt, it was clear and dry. When we got to the boat ramp, we found four birders with big spotting scopes. We told them about seeing the early tree swallows we saw there in April, and while we were there watching the family of great white egrets, we saw a kingfisher hit the water just in front of us, and then move to wire across the lake to eat his breakfast.

We moved to the other side of the Lotus Flats and explored the flowers up close. Animal tracks were everywhere the leaves and flowers, which rose above the mud.
Great White EgretsLotus Flowers with heron and deer tracksLotus flower heads in different stages of ripening

As I was looking at one of the flowers, and poked my finger in to see what was there, and couple of petals fell off, and I saw a bumble bee had been sleeping there for the the night! He took off, and I got a shot of the seed pod while it was still the same yellow as the petals themselves and just starting to turn green in the center.

Halfway to ripe Lotus podsLotus rises from the mudHey, look who’s been inside taking a nap

Lotus seed pod, what a color!Mud flats nearly across Lake MonroeMitch the Mudcat

Distance: 20 miles
Weather: 60-80 degrees
Nature Journal: Jojo and I played at bird watching, and as we were leaving a couple of spotters came to where we were out on the mud flats, walked over to a small thicket, and then started making what I thought were “owl sounds”.

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