First summer ride/swim of 2008

Since the weather was predicted to be in the high 80’s, we loaded up our swim suits, tools, sunscreen, and food, and headed to the “beach”. This means just about any hillside that drops to a deep water shore of Lake Monroe, which is just about anywhere this year. The lake is still way high at over 552 feet above mean sea level (amsl). The normal pool level that the Army tries to maintain (in case of draught) is 536 amsl, and the lake overflows at 556 feet amsl.

We rode south on Harrell Rd., and found that our favorite spot was underwater, and our diving log could not be seen. We moved down the ridge to a spot at the edge of the water, and I jumped right in. After the shock of the cold water, my skin seemed to tighten up, and I swam until I was in the sunshine, and started to warm up. I came back in after a bit, and we had a bite to eat, and something to drink. Watching the water, Jojo spotted at snake swimming parallel to the shore, and then a turtle, I only saw them when he pointed them our. We both went back in the water and floated around for a while, swam a bit, and generally chilled out, it was brilliant day. The water was cold and warm depending on where you where, or what wave came through, and there were plenty. The only disturbing element was a water plane that buzzed the lake at low level, maybe he was just taking off, but it did not seem that way.
Back country beach at Lake MonroeFirst Swim of 2008At the lake

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The ride ended up being just over 20 miles, not at all close to our normal 35-40 mile rides, but I was whipped when I got back, I guess the swimming and cool water could have had an effect, but just as likely was the hot weather. This was our first above 80 degree, sweaty riding, and I ended up extremely thirsty all evening. I think we will need to carry more water this summer just to keep hydrated. I hate buying water, maybe it is time to find a portable filtration system.

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