Frozen evening in Cascades Park

Cascades Rd covered in thin iceThere was freezing rain on and off all day today, and the streets were either wet or covered with a thin layer of rough ice, plenty of traction except going a steep uphill, and as long as I didn’t lock my front brake on a turn, I was fine. I traveled up to the water filtering dams between College and Walnut, only a single duck was swimming in the water. I watched the snow coming down, and the commuters heading slowly home. When I started to get cold, I headed down to Cascades Road, and road down the ice covered road. I crossed the bridge to ride on the path west of the creek, and then stopped off at the waterfall.

I then finished the ride down Cascades, crossed Walnut, and turned up Dunn St. past the dam. The hill is steep, but not too long, and no traffic this night. I crossed the bypass and headed home. This is about a 5 mile ride, not long, but in the cold icy weather, it was fun.

[youtube owRPr6hV9MY]

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