Frozen Griffy Ride

Feb 3, 2007
Jojo and I hit the trail on this sub-20 degree, sunny day. Bundled thoroughly, we actually got warm during the ride. As we had not done cold riding before, we decided an hour would be fine, so we took the Headley Rd to Lake Griffy, which was fully frozen with skaters all over the ice on both sides of the causeway. We rode out on the ice, which was not a problem where it was covered with about an inch of snow. But when we got to uncovered ice, feet went down immediately, there just is no static friction, and wheels do whatever they want. So we walked back to the snow covered portion, looking down into the water through 3 inches of clear ice. Pretty cool.

We then climbed the hill, rode to Bethel Lane, pushed our way into a 15mph cold west wind, then on to Old 37 and back through Cascades Park, the creek was half frozen, but near the top we saw a pair of mallards swimming in the creek.

Time: 1h15m
Distance: ~10 miles
Weather: Clear Blue sky with white bunches of clouds. Temp: 18 degrees
Wildlife: Male/Female pair of mallard ducks in Cascades Creek.

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