July 4th Weekend Rides

I was off work Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but Jojo was out of town. On the Fourth I rode down to a party on Handy Road, a short 20 miles of easy riding, the only climb being Rhorer Road coming out of Jackson Creek valley. I got back around dusk and Tim, Eileen and I watched the fireworks from the Von Lee windows, cool, quiet and colorful.

On Saturday after playing at the Market, I rode out to the 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Dagom Geden Tensung Ling Monastery, on their new land near Dolan. Most serious bike riders know Dolan as the crossroads north of town where Old 37 intersects with Robinson Road and Boltinghouse Rd from the east. Both of these roads boast pretty tough climbs, Robinson rises in several stages, and Boltinghouse is one steep, then steeper grade. Dolan Road is a quiet gravel road that runs to the west, climbing right up the ridge and alont the top for about a mile. There is nothing but woods up there till you get to a house with ridgetop fields all around. Farther on at the very end of the ridge were the last fields, with a big white tent with music issuing forth, and people milling all about.

Salam was playing, and they were great as usual. I played with some with Jarno and Solveg, but there was just so much for them to do. I walked around the ridgetop meadow while Michael White played a set. The whole right fork of the field was cut short, but it was made mostly of poison ivy and I forgot about listening for woodland edge birds. I walked back to the tent, and watched while the musicians received katas from the monks, and then Kenny Aranov took the stage and played a ten minute drum solo. Nick, his son, is a member of the community and intends taking vows. Toward the end of the solo, Nick took the stage on a second set of drums, and they finished off playing together.

Rather than go straight back south on Old 37, I decided to head east on Boltinghouse Rd., and although I considered going up the hill, I opted for Earl Young Rd, which runs up a scenic farming valley for a mile or two, and then crosses the creek to rise a steep 200 feet on gravel. Not much traffic, and fun to ride (actually I always walk up the hill, the loose gravel is too much on my recumbent). Earl Young is paved at the top of the hill and it is short ride to SR 45. It’s about a mile to New Unionville and then on back to Bloomington on the highway, another 3 or 4 miles of fast riding. I generally turn off the highway at Smith Road, and then turn down to the Polly Grimshaw Trail to campus.

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