Kerr Creek Garlic June 10

Jojo was out this weekend with back problems, and I had to spend most of my time working on the walnut tree that went down in our back yard. So I was a bit whipped to begin with, but knew I had to ride.

I stopped and Bfoods on 3rd St for some lunch and headed out SR 46 to Kerr Creek Rd. This is a find down hill that spills out into a long valley, but be careful the bottom third of the hill is patchy and I had to brake through that are after hitting 50 mph on the upper section. The wildflowers were great, I found the first wild bergamont of the season, it flowers before the more colorful garden plant. At Gettys Creek I headed north to Mt. Gilead Rd., then took that NW to SR 45, and home via 10th St.

Distance: 20 miles, avg 12.5 mph, weather warm and breezy, 80 degrees and sunny

Sightings: Wild bergamot, pasture rose, wild garlic and bindweed, plus tons of red clover and a really green beetle. The elderberrys are flowering as well, I try to remember where they are, you have to get to them early, or the birds eat them all.

Dry Kerr Creek bedIridescent Green BeetleWild Garlic

Pasture RoseWild Bergamot

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