Lake loop w/ longcuts

Thurs June 14
I stopped over and picked up friend Holly in Eastgate, and we headed south to Jackson Creek School and over to Harrell and Stipp Roads. We took a couple of longcuts that make for lower stress bike riding. It was as hotter than it has been this year, I was worried about bonking, but we kept a good pace and did not overheat. The ride down Stipp was great as usual, fast (60 mph) and cooling. The lake was busy with families fishing, the creeks feeding it are dried up, and the bridge over Moore’s Creek was dismal, with stagnant, fetid water covered with green algae. We found a few clear pools farther up the stream bed, then rode up Schwartz Ridge and back to town on Knight’s Ridge Road.

Summary: 25 miles, hot weather but the wind kept us cool. No running water in any creeks, and no wildlike sightings to speak of. Avg speed 12.5.

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