Last Last Ride for Longreen?

March 18, 2007
Weather: Partly cloudy, 40 degrees
Sightings: Red parrot, one hawk, one buzzard
Distance: 30 miles, avg 12mph

BirdSince it was Sunday, we decided to try going straight out SR 45 to Tunnel Rd. I set my tripmeter at Smith Rd, and it was 10 smooth miles to Tunnel, at 14.8 mph, quite fast for us. We rode to Shilo and stopped at Wireless Deer Fence headquarters to visit “Bird”, the factory mascot.

The lonely bullPeaceful Miller RoadWe then continued down Shilo, but rather than going on to Anderson Rd, we decided to use the N. Miller Rd. cutoff to Robinson Rd. This crosses a peaceful side valley of the Bean Blossom, a quiet pastoral scene. Then came the hill back up to Robinson Rd. IMHO, this is the steepest, longest, curviest, most difficult paved road in the county. For many years I thought this honor rested with Boltinghouse Road just before it joins Earl Young Rd, a 160 foot climb, as is Miller, but I have climbed half of Boltinghouse, I got nowhere close on Miller. We then rode the ridge to Dolan, and back south on old 37. Firehouse hill seemed so gentle after Miller, I was able to charge up the last few hundred feet and keep going. A good brisk ride, but our mph was a brought down by the walk up N. Miller hill.

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