Last of the red hot rides

I didn’t get started till about 4pm, Jojo was out of town. Eileen and I hung around with friends at the westside coop after the market, and didn’t get done till about 3pm. I grabbed my towel and trunks, headed to a secret swimming spot about 15 miles south and out a ridge, and then down a steep bluff to the water. It was still steamy hot and and when I hit the water, it seemed warm, but almost immediately the wind picked up, and so the warm water started to feel good. Diving down there was still cool water, but not much. I swam out a few hundred yards and floated as some fishermen came trolling along the shoreline. I stayed out while they fished, then went to shore and built a diving platform and got some good dives in before heading back while the sun set in the west.

Blue SkiesBike of the WoodsHey, that’s quite house overlooking the lake

Trees and SkySlow water in Jackson CreekFlutter-by Butterfly

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