Low Water at Pine Grove

Jojo and I took our standard, down and back ride to Pine Grove after work on Friday, Aug. 18 after a long week of work. The water was lower than ever, you could easily walk out to masses of flowering lotus plants extending from the south side of the lake. Our friends the heron were there in full force, just slowly wading in the shallows, grabbing a bite to eat here and there.

Heron at Pine GroveOur steeds rest in the bushLily pads in the air

Lotus has to be one of the most beautiful flowers and strangest seed pods of any plant out there.

Yellow lotusHere’s looking at you…Head’s Up!

We stopped at the mud flats just before heading back up the hill, you could see where the stumps of the old trees, used as windbreaks, defined the farmers’ fields. There were mammal and bird tracks everywhere in the mud.

Viewing the flats from my bikeWindbreak under waterTracks in the mud

This is usually under water!Feathers and mudLast Lotus

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