Moore's Creek & Pine Grove Ride

One of our favorite things to do while riding is visit some water feature, be it lake, creek, waterfall, or spring, water is a destination both Jojo and I appreciate. So the ride down Harrell Rd to Stipp Rd, and then down that great no breaks hill (47 mph this day), and on to the lake at the intersection of Moore’s Creek Rd. We talked to a guy who had his kayak ready to hit the water, but he decided to just walk around and watch the birds, the wind was strong enough from the south to create whitecaps. We rode on the bridge over Moore’s Creek, and even though we had a good rain the week before, it was still as dry as it was in September.

Jojo eyes a kayakDry Moore’s Creek bedFall at the lake edge

After climbing Schwartz Ridge hill, Jojo had to get back to tighten up the house, rain was coming, so he rode north when we got to 446. But I had some time until the Bloomingfoods meeting, so I headed down to Pine Grove. There weren’t nearly as many herons and egrets, so I guess they have started moving south. The lake was still amazingly low, you could clearly see the channel.

Low water at Pine GroveMare and Foal living along old 446Sumac growing along SR 446

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