Muscatatuck Flower Ride

Wed, May 23
We started about 6 pm and rode an easy (not really, after a full day’s work) 30 miles up Bottom Road to Muscatatuck Wildlife refuge. The water was way down, and we saw only a couple of ducks. But the leaves are now fully out, and the wildflowers are growing, well like wildflowers. Bottom Road is well named, the beautiful wide flat fields flood easily. There are quite a few spots where the water pools, and swampy areas develop where the blue flag (wild iris) grows in profusion.

Blue Flag on Bottom RdBlue Flag FamilyFootprints_Deer and Heron

We also found a single Fire Pink (Silene virginica). Although it is always strikingly red, it is named “pink’ for the notch in each petal (as if from pinking shears). Also we found this Solomon’s Seal, it can be hard to see from the road because of the green flowers.
Fire PinkSolomon’s Seal

Miles: 30
Weather: Warm and breezy, few clouds
Flora and Fauna: Blue Flag, Star flower, Solomon’s Seal, ducks and buzzards.

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