Path to the Lake Ride

We decided on an easy ride after work, so we went west on Allen (not that easy after 5pm), then south on Weimer Rd. to the Multi-use path on Tapp Rd. We rode it to the end, then went west on Church Lane over to Fairfax and the up to Harrell. Harrell to Stipp, and on down to the Lake, where we watch the herons, geese, deer and fishermen around the lake. We rode back up Moores Creek, then down Rhorer to Jackson Creek school and the bike route back to Elm Hts and home.

Distance: 28 miles, avg 11.5, not bad for after work and a tough hill.
Hot on the hills, cool coming down, it was a great evening.

The Clear Creek path is easy riding, flat and smooth for several miles, but it is quite busy with walkers, runners, skaters and bikers all passing through. We saw this heron fishing on the far side of the bay from us, he took off when brought my bike out on the little bluff for a picture.

Clear Creek Path, June 07Great Blue Heron fishingPurple Rans at Moore’s Creek

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