Pine Grove Eagles

Jojo got out early Sunday, I slept in due to a great party at Ken and Susanne’s. So I took the same route as he did, down 446 to Pine Grove. I just got the speedometer working again, it is 10 miles to lake from my house. Eileen drove down and met me there, but not before I heard and then saw a bald eagle fly over my head. We walked around a bit, then pulled out the binoculars, the bay was filled with great blue herons and great white egrets, all walking in the shallows on the other side of the lake, away from the channel that flows past the boat ramp.

We found this yellow flower growing in the damp soil along the shoreline where there is normally water.
Eileen in the wildYellow flower along the shoreBlue fall flower

After Eileen left, I saw this eagle sitting on a stump in the water looking for fish, and he eventually got into the water and waded around looking for fish, just like the herons and egrets. Out on the flats there were little bugs all over the wet mud. I found some heron or egret tracks coming out of the water.

Eagle on a StumpHeron splatHeron on a stump, part of the tree line defining farm fields

Eagle left, heron rightCorn field, Sept 16Sunset shadow along SR 446

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