Pine Grove fills up

I left work right at 5 pm Monday (usually it’s 6 or 6:30), and scooted on home to grab a snack and head out for Pine Grove Boat Ramp, I want start pushing up my weekly average, and this would get me to 75 miles for the week with my commuting.

It’s an easy 10 miles to the ramp, I use either the middle route (Covenanter east through through to 446 at Moore’s Pike, or on the Polly Grimshaw Trail to 3rd St. and 446). I always ride on the winding Knight’s Ridge Rd. which parallels the highway, which has a plenty of room to ride, but just feels less safe and is not as scenic. I just turn left on Pine Grove Rd, just past the log church. This road can be quite gritty, so I took it easy coming downhill using my brakes softly. The last steep part at the bottom is safe, so I got up to 36 mph heading into the flats, which had water on both sides another couple of inches and the road will be covered as it is on Stipp and Moore’s Creek Rds.

At the ramp, the water was so high there was no shoreline to walk along, and across the bay water was right up to the trees. Just a few months ago we walked most of the way east to the ridges, no water there but the channel.

Water road with swamped treesHigh water on the south shoreMarch’s Gray on Gray Palette

The climb back up Pine Grove Rd. always gets me warmed up after standing around by the water, it comes in several stages with flat areas in between.

Nature notes: Cool gray evening, no large birds other than a buzzard, and a few woodpeckers in the woods. I am thinking of getting some bird recordings for my ipod, I want learn some new calls, you just can’t see everything.

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