Pine Grove, Moore's Creek Flood ride

Pine Grove/Moore’s Creek Photos

As I had some time constraints this weekend, we went on two shorter (25 mile) rides on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, and we ended up with at least 50 miles.

On Saturday we backtracked one of my favorite loops to the lake, first riding down 446 to Pine Grove, which was flooded, and we while we were playing in the water, Mike (from Roots) pulled up in his johnboat. He and his cousin had been in the back country, and ran across a lot of turtles and a big water snake. We headed back up to 446, this climb is a 280 foot rise in elevation, but it is a mile and a half long, with several flat sections which make things easier. We rode back north to Schwartz Ridge Road, and down the hill to Moore’s Pike Road, which was also flooded, the bridge has been under water for months. The lake is still just 3 feet below flood stage, it went to less than a foot in April. We got our feet wet for the fun of it, the water is still quite cold, but bearable, even envigorating (right before the numbness sets in.)

Road ends in water!Boat on the road

We took Moore’s Creek Rd. up to Rhorer Rd, then south to Fairfax/Church Road and west on over to Clear Creek trail. The trail was quite busy, but we stopped at the beaver dam, which is now mostly disassembled.

We took a new way back to town from the trailhead on Tapp. We normally swing over to Weimer, the use the back streets (West Rea Rd.) to get to hilly Allen St. But I had spotted a new route on Google Earth, and had scouted it out coming from the other direction, so we decided to try it.

The trick is to turn right out of the trail parking lot, and go just a couple hundred feet on Tapp, then turn left into one of the 2 lanes heading north. They both connect to the new Sunstone Drive, and thus to South Adams St. and Countryside Lane, which runs all the way to Rockport Road, and easy flat ride to Rogers St. This is much less stressful than Allen St., which is scary with no shoulder and the karsty hills.

Countryside ShortcutCory Road longcut to Allen St.Corner of Countryside Lane and South Adams St.

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