Pine Grove Sunset ride

Jojo and I went astray on Sunday, his derailleur broke off with a portion of the frame as we were passing through Jackson Creek Park. I rode back and borrowed Eileen’s car to pick up Joe and his bike, which we dropped off at Bikesmith’s for repair. This only gave me ten miles for the day, so on Monday I took an after work ride to Pine Grove, a 20 mile out and back that we often like to ride, it is low stress, and the wildlife is always abundant back there.

The water was finally up, 544.3′ amsl, 6.3′ above “normal” pool level of 538′ amsl, according to the army’s daily reports. It’s amazing to see the lake again, for many months the creek channel held the only water, there are acres and acres of water only a foot or two deep. I watched for birds, but there was not much action, things need to warm up a bit. Last week I saw 3 flocks of cranes flying north. They were in a pretty good V at first, so I thought they might be geese, but they were very high up. Then the flock preformed the characteristic crane parley, where they break ranks and circle up, often making the gobbling sound that can be heard for miles. Then they reformed their big V and headed northwest, a sure sign of spring.

Late afternoon, and water now covers all of the Pine Grove bayLooking across the bayHigh water at the boat ramp

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