Rainy Pawpaw Music Ride

Since we knew rain was in the forecast, Jojo and I took some rain gear, though it seemed unlikely at the time. We went down Kerr Creek and cut over the highway, and as there was was not much traffic, we just rode the highway to Brummett’s rather than climb over Byrdie Galyon/Fleener hill. It was cloudy and hot, we started to hear thunder from south we got into the valleys. We stopped to peruse the pawpaw patch we found last year, and it was pitiful, I found only one bunch in the whole patch, and they were not yet ripe. If we go back in a week or two, whatever is there will have been eaten by raccoons and opossoms. The water was the lowest we have seen this year at Brummett’s Creek, there was a pool, but no flowing water.

Way down yonder in the pawpaw patchNot quite ripe pawpawsBrummett’s Creek Pool

As we came up the valley we stopped to visit the Spriggs Family music festival on their farm in a long and wide side valley that reaches back into Yellowwood Forest. Just as we pulled up the long gravel drive to the festival the rain started, so we headed for the hills, which were just across a field. We pulled into the thick woodlands, which gave us time to to pull out the rain gear and cover up. It was gulley washer for sure, and the cars poured out of the parking areas, but a lot stayed as well.

Clouds pile upSpriggs Festival across the fieldRain moves in

The music started up again, not on the stage, but under a picnic shelter. We wandered up through several meadows, talked to a blacksmith, found the mandolin workshop, then headed back, Jojo liked the antique truck and trailer, tricked out to the max. We then headed out and back up Brummett’s Creek, but less than a mile later, the rain overtook us from the south. This time we were lucky to find a lean-to shed roof to hide under while storm dropped wall of water all around us. It let up again and we headed. Just a we were making a turn I heard someone yell my name. It was Jay Record, he and Dan Schaffer were working on his house, right next to Jason and Ange’s. We watched them work and sweat for a bit, then took off. We got to the highway, and though it is a bit longer, we took Mt. Gilead back, the traffic was just too scary with wet road. We finally took a full soaking coming up the hill, but it let off quite a bit when we got to the top. It was still warm, and once you are wet and not cold, it is not so bad. We hit more rain in town, but it felt good and cleansing to ride and not worry about getting wet.

Music at the Spriggs’ FarmHillbilly Truck

Nature Journal:
The day was one of those that hang in the balance between summer and fall, the cool wet finally working to overcome the hot dry we have been living with. The day started as hot muggy, and ended in heavy cool rain, the summer drought broken. I saw a swarm of buzzards circling together over the ridge top just before rain hit.
Roadkill: Chipmunk, Box Turtle

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