Right turn lanes

In Chicago, quite a few intersections have a special bike lane that allows cars to move to the right lane to turn, while bikers have their own lane that runs with the straight through car lane. This eliminates the numerous problems bikers have with right turn on red, it just gets us out of the way. Here is an example in Schaumberg, Ill., the lane begins where the street widens, and is an extension of the bike lane where the road is narrower.

Bike lane with cars turning 2 ways

Here in Bloomington, at 10th and Walnut, we could use just such a lane, I have often found myself trapped in the right lane with impatient car drivers waiting to get around the corner. We would have to paint a dotted line to move the lane to the left, but it could be done here.

Bikes go right, should have a lane to go straightturnlanewalnut.jpg

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