Short damp turkey ride

Jojo had to get to Greene County by 5, and it rained all morning, so we set out about 1pm. We stopped by a picked up Holly on the way, and then headed east on the Park Ridge path, then to the 446 intersection, and headed out 46 to Kerr Creek Rd. We headed down and even though it was wet and bumpy, that last steep incline pushed the speed up, and we sailed down the cool quiet valley. As we were on short time, I did not stop for photos, except when we saw three turkeys browsing the fields to our right. Jojo and Holly kept up a good pace, especially up hill, while I lagged behind, taking in the scenery while they chatted. We came to Getty’s Creek, headed north to Mt Gilead, then climbed the hill, which according to Google Earth, goes from 665 feet to 800 feet amsl, a climb of 135 feet.

Total miles: less than 20, I realized I need to recalibrate my computer, and when I did it was set way wrong, I should have checked when I got it.
Wild Turkeys on Kerr Creek

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