Snowy Easter 40

On Sunday, I woke a bit late, the house does not get light till after 8 am. It took a while to get ready, it was in the 30’s and I wanted to be ready for anything, and this was fortunate, because I got everything from a snow squall and to a warming sun and billowy clouds.

Here us a full album of pictures I took that day.

Since it was Easter, the streets were quiet, and I simply rode straight out SR 46 to Friendship Rd. I knew the water had to be high, so I rode down the road, determined to make it to old steel bridge over Stephens Creek. I couldn’t tell how deep the water was over the road, but I’ve run through water several times on Moore’s Creek Rd, so I knew it was possible. However I forgot that my feet got wet last time, and it happened again, but I kept going and got to the bridge without falling.
Friendship Rd., and no paddleFlooded Stephn’s CreekMitch at Stephen’s Creek

As usual, I was wearing my sandals and two pair of socks. I am here to tell you, wool does keep you dry even when wet. The flood water was really cold, but after a few minutes of standing around on the bridge taking pictures, and were my feet were fine, I could feel them as cool but not cold. As soon as I got on the road again, I warmed up and did not change out of them for 2 more hours. By then the sun had disappeared, and I was on the ridge in a snow squall. So I pulled out my dry pair of socks, and then wrapped in foot in some plastic from a bag I had with me. This kept the wind off and even with just one pair of socks and 35 degree weather, I was fine.

I headed on up the highway and turned north on Brummett’s Creek to SR 45 at Unionville. Brummett’s Creek valley is a great 3 mile ride, a fertile agricultural valley surrounded by forest ridges, and the climb at the end is not so bad, steep at first, but it levels off before going up again at an easier grade. I rode to the highway, and then back towards town to pick up Tunnel Rd., which I rode to Shilo Rd., a quiet ridgetop ride that ends in the Bean Blossom Valley at Anderson Rd. It started snowing, and I pulled down my earflaps, with the big soft flakes clouding my glasses. I rode to Old 37, and then climbed up through Fox Hollow, I liked this road, it seemed very quiet. I crossed SR 37, riding it south for a few hundred yards to pick up Simpson Chapel Rd. to Bottom Rd, and then south to town and in along Kinser Pike and Cascades Park.

The weather had a little of everything, warm sun, fluffy clouds, overcast skies, cool winds, rain, snow, all in the range of 30-40 degrees. I saw no cranes this week, but spotted a red tail hawk along Brummett’s Creek. I usually see a murder of crows, but not today, and only a couple of buzzards were out. I did see a large bird in the Bean Blossom valley, it had a large wingspan, but not the long legs of a heron or crane. It was flying low over the grass in the field, sweeping back and forth, but headed for the woods when it saw me. It was a dark bird with white on the tail, but not at the tip like an eagle, but rather near the base.

I totaled over 40 miles, I had been waiting for a time I could spend the majority of the day on my bike and this was it. I tried to keep my blood sugar up, Sue recommended 150 calories/hour, and I’ve been liking the Clif Shot Bloks, they are tasty and good to suck on as you ride. They are mostly rice syrup, thus mainly glucose, which goes right to where its needed. I took some time and ate a full Clif bar and drank mint green tea at lunch, just to make sure I had the juice to make it back without bonking. Well, it worked, I came back strong. I didn’t need a nap, helped Eileen a bit coloring Easter eggs, and then we went out to Shanti with Tim for dinner. No problem! But I did feel a bit like a blackboard that had not only been erased, but wiped down well with water and a sponge.

Snow flakes over the valleyFarm and Snow Clouds on Bottom Rd.Swollen Bean Blossom Creek

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