Swimming with the Herons

June 28

Another hot summer day required us to ride to Lake Monroe, just short of the causeway we found our way to a high ridge overlooking the lake. We followed on to the end and a bit beyond into the woods. We were overlooking a quiet shallow bay, and as we took a break we first heard, and then saw a small group of great blue herons arriving and take off from the muddy flats. I assume they may be nesting nearby, there were just so many. But maybe they were just having lunch at a favorite spot.

 We decided this was not the spot to swim so we came back up the ridge road, as we were riding we saw a logging road heading down to the lake. We took our bikes about half way down, then walked the rest of the way. The water was still warm and we had a good swim, though this time without our floatation cushions. As this was an evening ride, we had to head back. We rode back up 446 and got home about dark.

Foggy Lake
Miles: 25
Weather: 75 and overcast
Nature Journal: Flock of Herons

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