Turkey tribe lake ride

We took our short route to the lake today, both Jojo and I had early dates this day and so we had to get back early. It takes 20-30 minutes to get out of town on our low stress route, following the bike route to Jackson Creek Park and School. The path was covered with mud near the bridge after you cross the creek. I rode through and my tires became covered with mud clods that then jumped off and hit me in the helmet. We then rode up Rohrer Rd. (wouldn’t it be great to have a climbing lane for bikes here?), and to Harrell Rd and south over the hills to Stipp and Handy Rds. We rode very slowly down Stipp Rd. as it was covered with sand and quite hazardous.

Muddy Path at Jackson CreekMuddy TiresMoore’s Creek Bay filled with water

When stopping at the lake, and at the bridge over Moore’s Creek, we noted the water was now way up, higher than anytime since last January, when the road was flooded. Moore’s Creek was at least 5-6 feet deep at the bridge, and clear and clean. If it had been a bit warmer, we could have had fun diving from the bridge.

Moore’s Creek Channel is now part of the lakeFive feet of water in the creekLooking back up frozen Moore’s Creek

On the way back we climbed Schwartz Ridge Road, and near the top, I spotted something moving in the wood down in the ravine (I call it that as the hillsides are so steep. We stopped to look and then saw it was a large flock of wild turkeys, about 2 dozen of them, winding their way up from the valley floor along the wooded ridges. We could hear their feet shuffling through the leaves and an occasional gobble as they quickly disappeared into the woods, their feathered camouflage blending subtlety into the forest’s brown to black color palette.

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