Warm Spring Rides-90 miles

This weekend was our first two day ride, we did not plan this, it just happened, the weather was just so glorius, first time in shorts this year. Here is the summary:
Miles total: 90
Avg: 11.5mph
Weather: 70° and sunny, wind from the south 20-25 mph
Sightings: Buzzards, Blacksnake and innumberable (redwing) Blackbirds. We noticed that the water in Bean Blossom was at the lowest yet this season, but still passable in a canoe. Many of the small branches coming off the the ridges are dry, on the the spring fed ones still run.

This was bit of an experiment to the east which turned out to be a fun forty-plus miles. We headed out Covenantor past the mall and through to 446 at Bill Mallory. Rather than going to 45 and then Kerr Creek, we headed south on 466 and then headed east at Lampkins Ridge/Moore’s Pike. We rode several pleasant miles along the ridge top, then down the hill to S. Friendship Rd. The large gravel on Friendship made it a difficult ride even for Jojo on his mountain bike, so we were happy to take a break at the bridge over Salt Creek.
Resting on Salt CreekSalt CreekJojo on the bridge

We took a short jog from Friendship along SR 46 (it was not that bad with 2 feet of paved shoulder) to Brummett’s Creek and headed north. Brummett’s is one of the typically beautiful farming valleys of Monroe Co. We saw and smelled the spring plowing, and stopped by the creek coming out of the valley at Brock Rd.
We kept going and came past the horses

Buzzards over Apple TreeHorse RiderBrock Rd

We continued up the valley and I was able to get a shot while riding, I was suprised. We said hello to our horse buddy, started up. We ascended the hill and amazingly, the junk yard at the top was cleaned out, no more dead cars leaking oil into the valley. We took the short jog on 45, and then took Mt. Gilead back, the extra hill is worth beauty and quiet of this road (compared to SR 45.)

From Mitch’s viewpointOld Barn on BrummettsHorse at the Hill

On Sunday we were going to go out for just a couple of hours, but the stretched out to over 45 miles. Out Bottom Road seemed nice and easy. We stopped at the Muscatatuck Wildlife Refuge, and watched several egrets out in the marsh. We decided to continue on the visit our friends Kevin and Kimberly, who live farther down Bottom road near Mt. Tabor Rd. We drank some iced tea, talked a bit, and then headed out. We went ot Bowman Rd and on up to Burma Rd. It runs along the last ridge above the White River and is wonderfully scenic. We then headed south on Buskirk, down into the valley at 56 mph, and back up and on to Dittemore Rd and then Bottom and home, about 47 miles.

Simpson ChapelEgret at MuscatatuckSpring Plowing
Gravel Bottom RoadCorn Crib Bottom RoadBlacksnake on Bottom Rd
Violets" /><a href=Fancy YardPhlox

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