Wet Bottom Rd. Ride-Jan 13, 2007

Dang, it was wet when we left for Jojo’s house to ride, I just did not think to take the camera. The mist was pretty heavy when we started, and we hit some real rain on N. Kinser Pike. We figured if we got soaked we would head back, but the rain was light and when we crossed 37, it stopped. At the bridge at the bottom of the hill, the Bean Blossom was totally out of its banks, which are normally about 10′ high. The water was up to the bottom of the bridge, but the road was not flooded here.

We rode to the sewage treatment plant and went to the bridge behind the plant on Maple Grove, and it was totally flooded there as well, all the sycamores were under water by several feet, branches in the water make some very unusual sounds as the water rushed through them. As we headed back to Bottom, we heard a large splash, and saw a movement from the corner of our eyes as something big leaped from the edge of the flood right into the current. Beaver, mink, otter, we just had no clue, but it had to be big and a good swimmer.

We passed several spots where the water was crossing the road heading west towards the BB, most of the the fields were flooded. We rode past a field that was filled and in the middle, 1 foot waterfall, about 100 feet wide. just past Lawson, there was a large stretch of water over the road. I started across and it was only about 6 inches deep, but at the middle it was a foot or more. I got across, and so did Jojo, but not before getting his toes wet.

We turned off Bottom Road and up the hill (we got warm), and at the top Jojo pointed to a red fox in the field who was intently staring at a point in front of him in the grass, I assume a mouse, vole, or rabbit hole. I had to shift, and when I did, he heard us and took off for the woods. She/he was is good shape, big bushy tail and smooth coat.

We crossed SH 37 again, and came back into the Bean Blossom valley and caught old 37 back south to the city. We played tag with a hawk on the power line before coming into Dolan, where a car coming off Robinson pulled out in front of an oncoming car, who barely swerved enought to miss the fool. We were on the other side of the road, riding in the parking lot of the old tent rental place, but if they had collided, we could have been in the way.

It was wet on the road, wet in the air, but we were dry inside and warm at times. Really interesting to be out there in this weather, not as bad as you might think.

Miles: 27
Weather: 40, misty with some rain
Avg: 11mph
Sightings: Unknown swimming creature, red fox, red-tail hawk, near accident at Dolan

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