Wet Cow Ride

Kerr Creek IceWe started out downtown about 11am, went due east along 7th St. to the Easgate path, then over to 46 for the short and not too stressful highway ride to Kerr Creek. The hill was wet and all sand, so we held the brakes the whole way down. In town there was snow only where it had been scrapped together in piles. Kerr Creek runs west to east, and so the valley to the right is all north facing, and was coverd with ice and snow, while the left (south-facing) side was all clean of snow. We took Kerr Creek to the end, it was quite icey in spots as it hugs the cold ridge, and then headed north at the intersection with Getty’s Creek.

We turned right on Mt. Gilead, and rode through the valley and up the hill. Somewhere near Birdie Galyan we ran into these youngsters on the road. They came to the gate and wanted to be let in, but I could not get it open fast enough for them, they spooked and ran to through the backyard of the house and went over the fence where they apparantly got out.
Road CowsLet us in!
We rode on to Highway 46, rode over to Tunnel Rd, then left on Robinson. Just before the winery, we turned on Nerht, a relatively new road. It runs down to Lentz, which comes off the ridge onto John Young Road. We headed left and stopped by to visit Alan at his home on the edge of the woods. He has quite a few feathered friends!
Let us in!

As we came back down John Young, we thought of trying Boltinghouse Hill, but it was covered in sand, no way we would make it. As we continued on to Old 37 we passed the Vectron station, it was quite amazing to see a gas plume in this rural valley.

Vectron Flame

We started to feel a little rain just after climbing firehouse hill on Old 37. But we figured it was fine, as just at that time we passed a large group in racing bike gear heading out north. A heartier bunch than us, that’s for sure. So though it rained a bit on the way back, and we got wet, not soaked, and made it home fine.

Miles ~25
Weather: Overcast, 40 degrees, fine for riding.
Wildlife: Lots of buzzards, in groups and singles. One family of deer, with one really young fawn. Lots of cadinals, titmice and rufous towhees at Alan’s.

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