Kite Training with Dexter


Dexter has a couple of favorite activities, including train spotting. He lives just a couple of blocks from the train line where it splits with one line heading northeast and the other towards the southwest and the Indiana coal fields. So one line has a lot of freight traffic with lettering that indicate shipments from China and beyond, the other is pretty much a coal line heading towards the Indianapolis power stations.

Especially fascinating are the local engines that stop right at the Habitat Trail View site, and the engineer or brakeman jumps out of the engine, and then goes back to the switch station, unlocks it, and then pulls the handle over to switch the tracks to the other line. Sometimes they even back up to the other track and switch the tracks back to allow an express freight train to pull through. We often hear the engines “making up” a line of boxcars on the westside of SR 37, there are a number of spurs around the GE plant on Curry Pike. Not as often we hear them making up a train on the eastside, there are a number of sidings where the line runs along 12th Street between Walnut and Fess Streets. So we hear the whistles, but often a train does not come by, a bit of a disappointment.


So I always carry a kite with me, just in case the trains do not come by, and the wind is right. We have a small sled kite with no ribs, no skeleton, which makes it easy to keep in my bag or pocket, but it will work well only with somewhat strong winds. So Trail View is a good spot for both train spotting and kite flying, at least until all the houses are built. On Sunday the wind was high, and the trains did not come, so I pulled out the kite and Dexter was able to fly it over the train tracks without getting it stuck on the fence. He has figured out how to pull on the string to keep it flying, and the amount of joy he gets from it is exceeded only by watching the trains themselves, or perhaps by swimming and playing at a splash pad, so the good times will continue, and perhaps increase this spring and summer!

Dexter at play

I remember making my first animated gif back in the last century, a little car that zoomed across the CARR homepage. Now they are all the rage…and yes they are fun. I have these hosted on the site Giphy, which allows me to post them on Facebook which does not properly display them otherwise.

Talking Parsel tongue…

At the Garden

Kendama with Grandma

At Griffy with Elsa

Ice cream bar!

Riding bikes with Charlie

Carhartts make winter fun!

Checking out Lil’ Bub on his new shirt