IU Master Plan Bike-Ped Edition

IU has been developing a new Master Plan for Bloomington and Indianapolis, and the Master Planner, Smithgroup JJR, created a Powerpoint file of their recommendations to the Board of Trustees on Feb. 19, 2009. I made a PDF of this file and edited out the stuff that did not relate to bike-ped or Bloomington.

I left in more than I might, views of campus, buildings, and roads, but better more than less, I figured.

To download and save rather than open in your browser, right click (Windows) or Ctl-Click (Mac) to “Save link as” or “Download Linked File”. Or you can click on the link or picture, and it should open in your browser.

The file is about 16 megs and can be downloaded here:

IU Master Plan, Bike-Ped Edition

IU Master Plan