Mitch's Best Songs List

Here is a listing of the songs I play on a rotating basis, by category. Most of these songs are early 20th Century parlor, country, tin pan alley, jazz and blues tunes. Is it folk, americana, or roots music I play? Any or all, depending on the audience. Americana seems to be the best fit, but time will tell.

For 40 years I collected songs from other singers, LP’s, 78 RPM records transcribed to tape, radio, and sheet music from junk store and libraries. My favorite site for early jazz bios and music has been, while the Lilly Library has digitized much of its sheet music collection. Folkstreams has some great videos, and now Youtube has just about anything I can think to search for, it is rife with songs both old and new.


Peach Pickin’ Time
Inch by Inch
Barnyard Dance
Salty Dog Rag
Frim Fram Sauce
Hot Tamales
Lazy Bones
Angeline the Baker
Down in Arkansas
I had but Fifty Cents
Harvest Moon
Mountain Greenery
Chicken Ain’t Nothin
Who Broke the lock
Turkey in the Straw
Ground hog
Farmer is the One
Banks of Marble
Hound Dog
Wolf is at the Door
Bile that Cabbage
Wagon Yard
Froggie Went Courtin
King Kong Kitchee
The Fox
All God’s Critters
Git along Little doggies
Java Jive
Blackstrap Molasses
Gooseberry Time
Pawpaw Patch
Down on the Farm
Homegrown Tomatoes
Hey Good Looking
Like a Monkey
Shoo Fly Pie
Turnip Greens
Bile that Cabbage
Polly Wolly Doodle
Big Rock Candy Mtn
Bumble Bee Be
Blueberry Hill
Oat, Peas, Beans
Beans, beans, beans
That’s Meet my Girl
Down on the Farm
Angeline the Baker
Farmers Daughter
Buttermilk Sky
Ain’t Gonna Rain
Judge a Book
I Like Bananas
Corn Bread Molasses
Big Bamboo
Down in Arkansas
Moon Country
Beans, beans beans
Tears in the Eyes
I’m Telling the Birds
Hot Corn, Cold Corn
Touch me Tomatoes
Sugar to Tea
Beans, Beans, Beans!
Banana in your Fruit basket
Papa’s on the Housetop
In the Shade
It Can’t be done
Telling the Birds
Western country
Next time around


Back in Indiana
Don’t Fence Me In
Is It True?
Indiana In the Morning
Indiana Moon
Wabash Blues
Indiana My Home Sweet
Back Home Again in Indiana

I’m Tellin the Birds
Bye Bye Blues
Don’t Get Around Much
Ain’t She Sweet
Ain’t Misbehavin
Sweet Sue
Sugar to Tea
Just Because
The Song is Ended
Paper Moon
When you go Courtin’
Johnson boys
Five Foot Two
Love is Just Around the Corner
If I only had a Brain
Diga Diga Doo
Naughty Sweetie
hen you wish Upon a Star
Tis the Gift
Old Fashioned Love
Don’t Change Horses


Fooba Wooba
Buffalo Gals
Teddy Bear’s Picnic
I Don’t Care
Salty Dog Rag
Shimmy like my Sister Kate
Ja Da
Land of Jazz
Dr. Jazz
Boog it
Diga Diga Doo
Lazy River
Flat Foot Floogie
Hit That Jive Jack
Sunny Side of the Street
10,000 years ago
Robinson Crusoe
Own Grandpa
Wahoo, Wahoo
Diddy Wah Diddy
Horses Don’t Bet on People
If I Only Had a Brain
Straighten up and fly Right
My name is Morgan
Goodbye Booze
Hand Jive
Woman is Smarter
Down in Arkansas
Don’t Try It, It Can’t Be Done
I Don’t Bother Work
Crazy Words, Crazy Tune
Just Because
Papa’s on the housetop
Ragged But Right
In the Jailhouse Now

All Around the WaterTank
The Gambler
Wabash Cannonball
Railroading on the Great Divide
Freight Train Boogie
Fright Train
Rock Island Line

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