Best Show Ever! (Indoors)

The Hotcakes played at Max’s on Fri, Feb 20, it was a benefit for Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard, and a great success. We raised a bunch of money, and Max’s had it’s biggest sales night ever. The place was packed with families, babies, toddlers, and shin kickers.

We were booked for 7-8 pm, but I knew 7 pm was bedtime for some of my crew, so I showed up at 6 pm. Shannon and Tolling were there to juggle, and so were several families who just happened to be there. I pulled out the guitar and harmonicas and started playing as even more families came in, I had to ask the waiter to turn off the LP he was playing (a good one, I was playing along on my uke.)

I started playing and Shannon juggled and soon we quite the kid mosh pit going on. When Eileen arrived around 6:30, the place was rockin’, and by 7 pm it was packed. I think a number of folks came early because I mentioned I would be there in my Facebook invite, it’s amazing how well that works.

As we were early, I set up right in front of the stage, enabling the kids to get up close and dance with the music. It was standing (and running) room only, and I knew not everyone could hear, so I took a stroll around the place, playing to people more than to the room. I had two Happy Birthday tables, and a request for If I Had a Hammer, which I should do more often, with Obama in office, I feel like its hopeful message may come true.

We played right up till Kayle Truman showed up with his guitar, and took the stage. He played a bunch of the classic country blues greats like Blind Blake and Blind Boy Fuller. I got to play some backup harp with him, it was some fun, but my best riff ended up being in straight harp rather than the standard blues cross harp. He played in a wide variety of keys (always a good thing), and I was amazed there were tunes I couldn’t accompany for lack of a harp in Db or F# Major. Anyhow, I hope to run into him again, he’s a great performer.

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