Bee Petting

I think I first heard of this from a Tom Brown Jr. book, he was talking about getting in tune with the insect world. I gave it a try last year, and again last week when I was visiting the Sprouts Garden. I love the hyssop that is flowering even this last week of September, so do the bees and butterflies.

The bees were numerous, and I was feeling good about them being there, so tried petting one of the bees. She flew off quickly when I touched her, but then I tried another, and got 2 strokes in before she moved on to the next flower. I could tell I didn’t scare her off, rather, she was busy gathering nectar and needed to move on. I’ve done this several times since. I think it is important to have no fear, and useful to feel loving towards the bees. They can be like cats, a bit standoffish at times, but they will allow you to pet them, if they have time!

Hyssop, Bee, & Butterfly
Hyssop, Bee, & Butterfly

I couldn’t hold the camera and bee pet at the same time, so I did not get a shot, but there are several Youtube videos showing bee petting, who knew?

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