Cooper’s Hawks return to Dunn’s Woods, again

Cooper's Hawk nestDay before yesterday I was showing Eileen the nest the Cooper’s Hawks built early this spring, then abandoned, or so I thought. There was a big storm with lots of cold wind when they first nested, and I did not see them again for 2 months. But while we were looking, one of the hawks flew to about 20 feet from us and landed on a low branch.

Then last night as I was going home, I heard calls from all over the woods, there must have been at least 3 birds flying and calling, it seemed one was in the nest, the other a few trees away, and a parent or two flying around. I am assuming the the fledglings are just learning to fly, and the parents brought them to the woods for hunting lessons. I’ll be keeping my eyes and ears open in the next few weeks,
Cooper’s Hawk call

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