First eagle of February

I saw my first eagle of the year on Jan 22 during a ride on the ice of Lake Monroe. He/she was sitting on the shoreline next to the ice at dusk as I was coming into Pine Grove bay.

I think I saw the same bird (or perhaps a relation) just as I was riding west from Pine Grove ramp. The funny thing is that I had just been talking to a birdwatcher who had come down from Bargersville. He talked a bunch about seeing eagles, and I wished him the best. We both saw a robin hopping around in the snow, I guess they don’t all migrate. He decided to head down to Paynetown, and passed me as I was riding on the snow. A few minutes later an eagle flew across the road in front of me.

It was warm (in the 40’s), and I saw two hawks hunting as I rode, one looked to be an accipitor, but the other was much bigger, perhaps a red-shouldered or red-tail hawk. I didn’t hear them call, which is often the best clue to a bird’s identity, and they look similar in flight.

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