Shirley Springs Waterfalls

Shirley Springs is a great place to visit in the summer. I stopped by on the way back to the Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard ride headquarters at Karst Farm Park on Saturday. The Leonard Springs Nature Park is a couple of miles southwest of the square on Leonard Spring Road. It has 95 acres of woodland ridge and valley, and several springs. There is an iron walkway from the top of the ridge to the emergence of the Shirley Springs about half way down.

Stairs to Shirley Springs
Stairs to Shirley Springs

The water was cold and refreshing on a 90 degree day, and with the recent rains, running at full force. This spring I found the small white Trillium grandiflorum all along the hillside. The valley used to be a lake (which supplied city water for a few years), and as a wide variety of vegetation.

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