Barr & Delap Road Waterfalls


I love waterfalls, and take pictures of them when I find them on my rides. Northeast of Bloomington, Bean Blossom creek flows north to northwest until it flows into the West Fork of the White River. One Sunday, Jojo and rode along Bottom Road. Its about five miles of “flat” riding up to the intersection of Woodall Road. Woodland Road heads west off of Woodall, and rises out of the valley, and which intersects Barr Road. We took that back east, and it dropped into the valley, where to our suprise we found a dry waterfall with a large pool. It was quite interesting how the water was totally contained by large rocks, even though it was dry uphill and downhill from the site. My camera had a finger smudge, so my pictures aren’t that great, but I posted them anyhow.

We rode on Delap Road, which runs west and north along the ridge for a while, offering some great views of the Bean Blossom valley. We passed a farm with peacocks and llamas, very scenic in the early evening sunlight. Where Delap drops into the valley we found a cascade/waterfall, probably spring fed, as it was running strong, and had good growth of stream moss. We stopped to explore, and found that there were two parts, dropping about 15 feet total. This video should give you an idea of what if was like:

Shirley Springs Waterfalls

Shirley Springs is a great place to visit in the summer. I stopped by on the way back to the Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard ride headquarters at Karst Farm Park on Saturday. The Leonard Springs Nature Park is a couple of miles southwest of the square on Leonard Spring Road. It has 95 acres of woodland ridge and valley, and several springs. There is an iron walkway from the top of the ridge to the emergence of the Shirley Springs about half way down.

Stairs to Shirley Springs
Stairs to Shirley Springs

The water was cold and refreshing on a 90 degree day, and with the recent rains, running at full force. This spring I found the small white Trillium grandiflorum all along the hillside. The valley used to be a lake (which supplied city water for a few years), and as a wide variety of vegetation.

Stephan's Creek Waterfall

Waterfalls are special places, maybe it’s the ions, the water vapor, the sound, the whole experience is magical, waterfalls have a spirit, and each one is unique.

This waterfall runs most of the year, and is visible from Mt. Gilead Rd. The small branch that falls into Stephan’s Creek runs for about a half mile till it attains the Mt. Gilead Ridge. There are not that many waterfalls in Monroe county, I hope on visiting them all this year, but I don’t know where they all are. Let me know of any you are aware of, I would love to take a shower in each and everyone this summer.

From Waterfalls and Springs

December snow ride

When I started out to the BBC in the morning, the snow was untrammeled as I traveled through the Music School and past the frozen bikes in the racks there. The Old Crescent was still and cold, the squirrels must have been in their nests staying warm. Eileen and I had a late breakfast with Tim and his girlfriend Sarah at the uptown. I went back to the office, and finally got on the road about 4 pm.

With all the snow, I knew I would not be traveling fast, and so decided on the short loop through Cascades and Griffy Parks, which I rode many times when I first started recreational riding in the late 90’s. The roads were wet, and sometimes gritty, but I did not slip once, and quiet snowy hills were really beautiful in the sunset.

Here is an album of photos from the ride.

I sometimes like to ride off-road in the park itself when coming down Cascades Rd., and today was one of those days. I was surprised by the volume of water flowing, the waterfall has been just a trickle for months, but today it was full.

[youtube Nul2UzGF7yc]

Route: Up Walnut St. to Cascades, down the long hill to old 37 and then up Overlook to Audebon and Old 37 again. Old 37 to Bethel Lane to Headley Rd., Headley through Lake Griffy, up the hill and across the Bypass to Fee Lane. Distance: 10 miles

Nature notes: I saw a large (50 or more) murder of crows flying around the ridgetop, obviously looking for a place to sleep. A small wedge of Canada geese came in and landed on Griffy Lake just after the sun went down. and the sky was a deep blue fading into sunset yellow. Rabbit tracks were everywhere in Cascades, but no other mammal prints were evident.

Here is a pdf